Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two Beautiful Black Vintage Party Dresses on sale either one for $15.00


Here are some items that I have for sale so if you are in the Oak Cliff area or you know let me, and if you are interested and just let me know and I will show them to you... happy shopping...

Red Leather Purse by Urban Outfitters $12.00

Friday, August 21, 2009

Disney Couture Kidada

So with my birthday around the corner and me being a official grown ass woman, I was looking for my present to myself and stumbled upon Disney Couture featuring a collaboration line with Kidada. Well the little Cinderella in me almost lost it, I can get my trendy grown on and show off my favorite princess (come on my name is Cindy) since playing dress up is now a reality and wearing a blue ball gown with white puffy sleeves is just not a good look in any season (unless its October or you're into role playing). So my first I love me gift is the Cinderella blue cameo ring and the Enchanted Necklace since I like birds this is the piece that caught my eye first, my only problem is that now I have ten items from Disney Couture that I am going crackhead kid candy hyper for, my dilemma now is to find them on sale.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reason #2 Kanye West


His crew of gays are hot, look at these outfits seriously another reason I don't like him, maybe I wish I was him... I didn't think that omg I am sick!



Another reason for me not to like him... he carries a purse 247 !

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Huge Megatron Update

So there hasn't been an update on here in a minute so I (Linda Marie) asked my sister (Cindy) for the password to this thing so I could update. So here it is!

I want to talk about this because I still can't get over it. If you were the I'm sure you already know but at the Kixpo after party which was a the Lounge on Elm St Dom Kennedy asked me to come up on stage. I didn't want to at first and pulled away but my sis yelled "GO!" at me and he was holding on to my hand so I had to. At first he started off slow singing "Prototype" to me. I was so nervous mainly because it's was Dom Kennedy!! I mean I had his mixtape "25th Hour" on repeat for the longest in my car and know all the words to "Watermelon Sundae" and to be on stage with him what girl wouldn't be?!? The other reason I was so nervous was because I was standing in front of a pretty large crowd with Dom Kennedy, he's used to being watched by crowds and preforming but I sure am not. lol Either way the nervousness subsided when he whispered in my ear and said he was going to switch it to "Watermelon Sundae". I just started laughing cuz I couldn't believe I was going to be on stage for that song, as soon as the song started I got so hyped up. It was one of the best nights ever. He gave me his set list from that night which was very nice of him and he signed my copy of "FutureStreet/DrugSounds". Him and Tiron both were very nice dudes the whole weekend. Everytime we ran into them they said hi or gave us hugs. Overall the best weekend so far for me this summer!

We have also been hitting up The Basement where Big J and his guest DJ's are always getting things hot & sweaty. Last Friday was craziness non stop dancing. If you were there you know what I'm talking about and if you haven't been yet your missing out!

Saturday night we were going to stay in cuz my sister started coming down with flu but we got a few txt and decided we were missing out on Yappah CD release party and had to show up 25 minutes before closing. It was well worth it got a few drinks in and hungout afterwards grabbed some food & called it a night.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deadstock presents Kixpo 09 sponsored by Scion of Lewisville: Shoes for Ophans Souls

The biggest summer event in Dallas is here Kixpo, this year is even bigger and better check the line up for this weekend. Please, please, please, bring empty backpacks or a shopping bag because if you attended last year you know you're walking away with something from tees, new era fitted, pumas, sneakers, tickets, gift certificates and so on. Everyone has a chance to win since Deadstock loves Dallas and the people that love them they will be giving away and selling raffle tickets and making it rain loot! This event is family friendly and always a great time!

7.24.2009 x Meet n Greet @ Sport Sole

7.24.2009 x Pre-party @ The Lounge on Elm St.
-with dj Sober, dj A.One & with performances by Playdough, Jabee, & Picnic

7.25.2009 x Kixpo @ Life in Deep Ellum

7.25.2009 x Kixpo – Adikt 3yr anniversary party @ The Lounge on Elm St
-with dj A.One, dj Fishr Pryce & with performances by Dom Kennedy, TIron, & Tycity

7.26.2009 x 4on4 Basketball tourney sponsored by: Sport Sole
-VitaminWater will be on hand providing drinks

For more info, please visit www.kixpo.com


Please bring a BRAND NEW pair of kids shoes and donate to Shoes for Orphan Souls at Kixpo. Shoes for Orphan Souls, is a ministry of Buckner International, and has distributed more than 1.5 million pairs of new shoes to at-risk children in the United States and to orphans in 55 countries around the world.
I don't know about you but there were a few hard times in our family when we were growing up but my sisters and I were lucky enough that we didn't notice the hard times thanks to mom and dad but there are many kids that don't have parents or family. Kixpo and Shoes for Orphan Souls is making it an easy way to help others with greater need, so while you are out shopping for your new outfits, fitted, and sneakers for Saturday don't forget to make a difference in someone's life - all through a pair of shoes. There will be a booth were Shoes for Orphan Souls will be collecting your donations and doesn't matter if they are sneakers, sandals, oxfords, as long as they are new and unworn they are also seeking donations of new socks and shoelaces (you know most sneakers come with two pair) so now excuses. We (I) all know times are tough but if you are attending Kixpo this week you know that you will walk away with a whole lot of loot. Again, please help a child that has only your generosity as their hope for a new pair of shoes, and feel good that you did something for someone else this year and all you had to do was go to Kixpo.

HotFlash Every Month at Fallout Lounge: Sweaty Happy Dancing People

(look Linda and Me on the Left)

(Killtron and Blakely closing time dance your pants off)

photos by lekbrothers at dallasobserver.com

My friend Killtron along with his friends Genova & Schwa bring Dallas and you boo the best party ever Hotflash, a monthly party at Fallout Lounge located on Exposition that needs to be bimonthly..lol... So they brought the tunes that kept many monkeys sweaty and a little funky and kept the crowd wanting more by playing anything from Phoenix, Chromeo, Cut Copy, Vega, Major Lazer, Buraka Som Sistema, Classixx, and just plain booty shaking music. Keep an eye and ear for these guys they are all over the place doing things Real Big Texas Style! Also just as an added bonus my super awesome amigo is letting us dancing monkeys have his latest mix and has another one on the way so please download Killtrons new mix filled with the above mentioned artist music along with so many artists don't let the title fool you (Disco for Two) will seem like a block party. So download Discoteca de Dos! follow the link! Discoteca de Dos: http://is.gd/1EOeV

Twitter them: Killtron, TonySchwa, Genovahh, Hotflash to stay up to date on their next event!

Give Away Brought to by my fav Vintage Blog: The Year of Living Thriftily

While looking up thrift ideas and ebay browsing, I saw my favorite classy cheap lady Jas has a give away posted up, thank God I looked the deadline is 7/27/09. TO ENTER- Just leave a comment! How easy is that? The winner will be randomly selected (pulled out of a hat or some such) next Monday, July 27th. If you want to be entered TWICE, mention this giveaway and blog on your blog/facebook/billboard...her words not mine! Chickdowntown is giving away Mink Pink items or your choice from any of the items available on line. So sign up ladies by leaving a comment and please reference me, via, please just mention me! Thanks Happy Web shopping!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July on Sale starting at $9.99

Click on Title to be directed to Ebay page or email me if you are interested in anything make me a offer!

This party Aint Shit: LMOA

OMgawd this is hiliarious found it while reading MOB living, really thank you for making me laugh and want to bounce my bootay at the same time. So if your putting on a party please make sure its at crunk status and with a variety of awesome people. I kind of like the big girl to bad she is on a show showing out instead of a party, cause she seems like she would actually a fucking trip.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big J @ Basement

The Basement at Suite is literally the basement at Suite on 4515 Travis Street

DSC_0444 by dj_aone
DSC_0443 by dj_aone
DSC_0441 by dj_aone
DSC_0440 by dj_aone
DSC_0438 by dj_aone
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DSC_0395 by dj_aone
DSC_0394 by dj_aone
DSC_0393 by dj_aone
DSC_0392 by dj_aone
DSC_0388 by dj_aone
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DSC_0386 by dj_aone
DSC_0385 by dj_aone
DSC_0384 by dj_aone
DSC_0382 by dj_aone
DSC_0381 by dj_aone

This is the new weekly spot for DJ Big J of The Clever Monkeys on Friday nights with his two female promoters and friends Mollotova and Stephie Golighty at his side they definitely have me as a regular and loyal boogie follower. Big J has made this the spot to be by bringing in different guest DJ's every week so far Schwa, Sober, Tyrone, DJ A1, and Females have joined him in the booth and with their own genre of music and set of followers the crunk levels are through the ceiling each week. This is definitely a hot muthalovin spot to be caught in, and the attendees list gets better bigger more diverse and u.k. wicked and the patrons are a loving crowd that just wants to show off their steez while dancing to some awesome tunes. Here is a link and preview to last weeks pictures brought to you by DJ A1 ( he's a jack of many trades) check the outfits on some of these ladies so on point.