Friday, August 21, 2009

Disney Couture Kidada

So with my birthday around the corner and me being a official grown ass woman, I was looking for my present to myself and stumbled upon Disney Couture featuring a collaboration line with Kidada. Well the little Cinderella in me almost lost it, I can get my trendy grown on and show off my favorite princess (come on my name is Cindy) since playing dress up is now a reality and wearing a blue ball gown with white puffy sleeves is just not a good look in any season (unless its October or you're into role playing). So my first I love me gift is the Cinderella blue cameo ring and the Enchanted Necklace since I like birds this is the piece that caught my eye first, my only problem is that now I have ten items from Disney Couture that I am going crackhead kid candy hyper for, my dilemma now is to find them on sale.