Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HotFlash Every Month at Fallout Lounge: Sweaty Happy Dancing People

(look Linda and Me on the Left)

(Killtron and Blakely closing time dance your pants off)

photos by lekbrothers at

My friend Killtron along with his friends Genova & Schwa bring Dallas and you boo the best party ever Hotflash, a monthly party at Fallout Lounge located on Exposition that needs to be So they brought the tunes that kept many monkeys sweaty and a little funky and kept the crowd wanting more by playing anything from Phoenix, Chromeo, Cut Copy, Vega, Major Lazer, Buraka Som Sistema, Classixx, and just plain booty shaking music. Keep an eye and ear for these guys they are all over the place doing things Real Big Texas Style! Also just as an added bonus my super awesome amigo is letting us dancing monkeys have his latest mix and has another one on the way so please download Killtrons new mix filled with the above mentioned artist music along with so many artists don't let the title fool you (Disco for Two) will seem like a block party. So download Discoteca de Dos! follow the link! Discoteca de Dos:

Twitter them: Killtron, TonySchwa, Genovahh, Hotflash to stay up to date on their next event!