Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Allow me to Introduce myself:

Hi peeps, some of you may know me or have seen me for those who don't my name is CindyElizabeth, and I am usually with my gorgeous sister LindaMarie she's the youngest of three sisters and I'm the older sister. The reason for this blog is to sell my "vintage" finds and to show off my Dallas from the music to the beautiful faces that live here and all its undiscovered treasures. As for me I'm a work in progress always changing my style of dress from mod, 80's & 90's looks, designer biting, hipster, rockabilly, punk, or following a trend that one dares to try (reason why I shaved one side of my hair off on top of being bored at 3:00 a.m.) so thrifting seemed ideal to keep my varied steez up to par. I will spend money on heels and sneakers. I also love a good bargain and the rush you get when find something on sale that you must have and I don't like malls, I simply don't have the patience for them so thrift shopping has become a addiction. This addiction is what has led me to create my blog because I started buying cute shoes for me but would get sad if I left a pair that was cute that I couldn't wear so started buying them and started selling them on ebay in hopes to find them a owner to love them as much I did. Sounds crazy huh I think of shoes and clothing as if they were puppies looking for a good home.


Linda (left) Cindy (right) at the Cavern for Top Notch Thursday with Sober.